January 09, 2012

DHA – Essential Fatty Acids

Foods Rich in DHA

DHA means Docosahexaenoic Acid. This acid is an omega 3 fatty acid that you can find in brain and retina structure. It helps our brain and retina to function well. Therefore, if you have lack in this acid there is a huge possibility that you’ll get a slower reaction in your brain and an unclear eye sight. This is not a good news for everyone, but of course you yourself can do anything to avoid docosahexaenoic acid’s deficiency.

DHA is commonly seen in cold water oceanic foods. This includes fishes that you eat every day. They have the highest level of DHA because of the algae that they eat in the ocean. These algae are rich in DHA omega 3 fatty acids. It is because it also receive photosynthetic and heterothropic microalgae. Plants that we eat such as green leafy vegetables also has an omega 3 fatty acids, but the DHA present on it is lesser than what we can get in cold water oceanic creatures.

Did you know that guys’ sperm cells are composed of DHA? If a guy gets lack in DHA, his sperm cells are going to be literally unhealthy. A woman also needs to take DHA rich food if she is planning to get pregnant. This is because DHA is merely needed on the formation of the fetus and for breast feeding. If a woman is lack in DHA during her pregnancy, the probability to give birth to a premature baby is very high.

If we have enough DHA in our body, there is lesser possibility of heart disease and heart attack. It is because it reduces the blood triglycerides running in our body. It has been said that DHA contributes in giving us a sharp memory, on the contrary, if we have lack in DHA Alzheimer’s disease are about to develop.

There are lots of studies that show that DHA is also essential in preventing our cells to develop cancerous cells. Prostate cancers have difficulty to develop once you have enough DHA supply.

DHA burns whenever someone is depressed or stress. So, you have to remember that when you get depress you need to find some time to eat DHA rich food to compensate your brain’s need of DHA so that your emotions get balance again.

Salmon contains the largest amount of DHA among cold water oceanic foods. It is seconded by tuna, sardines, swordfish, mackerel, and bluefish.

You might also find DHA omega 3 in some green leafy vegetables but the amount is relatively low. Well, smaller amount is better than having nothing.

If you do not like eating cold water oceanic foods like salmon or tuna, you can always drink some DHA supplements that you can buy over the counter. But of course, before taking this action, you have to go to a physician first to ask for some advice. A right prescription is always needed to avoid bad side effects in our body. Prevention is always better than cure.

Here are some of the suggested fatty acids supplement that you can try.

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