January 15, 2012

I Am Number Four A Book and A Movie

Have you read the book I Am Number Four? Or have you seen the movie of it? What can you say about the book? How about the movie?

I have seen the movie first before I decided to read it. A friend of mine told me that its better if I’ll read the book first before watching the movie, but because I’m so intrigued with the movie, in which she told me that it is also a must seen movie, then I decided to watch it first.

I fell in love with the movie, of course aside from the fact that Alex Pettyfer who portrayed John Smith/Number Four is a handsome guy. The movie is really worth watching. It’s direct to the point and the action scenes are justified accordingly, enough to make the film outstanding.

Alex Pettyfer portrayed Number Four, his name in planet Lorien, and John Smith, when he arrived in Ohio. He and Henry, his guardian or better known as cepan in their planet, is always on the run to stay away from Mogadorians, their ultimate enemy. The goal of Mogadorians is to destroy the last civilization of the planet Lorien. The last civilization of the planet Lorien is composed of nine kids and nine cepan that flew on earth to find their luck and live longer, and wait until their Lorien legacies develop. But unfortunately, Number One, Two, and Three died at an early age because Mogadorians found them before they develop their Lorien legacies, and now Number Four is next.

Diana Agron is also present in the film, who works for the character of Sarah Hart. Yes, she’s your favorite cheerleader Quinn Fabray in Glee. Again, she’s stunningly beautiful in the movie.

Talking about the book, of course, as always, books are more detailed than films. I Am Number Four is written by Pittacus Lore. Pittacus Lore is only a pen name of James Frey and Jobie Hughes. The story is about how Number Four survives his life during the time the Mogadorians are hunting him. He has a cepan or guardian named Henry, who used to be known as his father when they arrived on earth. Yes, they are aliens who look like human from the planet Lorien. They were sent to earth together with eight other kids and eight other cepans. Every kid has their own guardian who will help them to develop their powers or what they called the Lorien Legacy.

The only way to destroy the nine Lorien kids is by killing them in sequence, and that’s the sad part for Number Four because Number One, Two, and Three are already dead, and he knows that he’s next. This idea came from Lorien, the master of all masters in their planet. You’ll know the reason why Lorien did this when you read the book. Sorry, I don’t want to spoil the whole story.

Number Four was in Florida when Number Three died. His name was Daniel by that time, and he and Henry immediately flew to another place because they know that Mogadorians were already hunting them.

When they arrived in Ohio, Number Four chose the name of John Smith. He went to school and act as a normal kid. He met Sam, who became his bestfriend, and Sara Hart who became his girlfriend. This is the first time he fell in love, and Henry told him that a Lorien only falls in love once.

This is the point of time when John developed his Lorien Legacies. But this is also the time when Mogadorians found him.

John fought back the Mogadorians with Henry, and with Sam and Sara. But there’s this new character that helped them, Number Six.

They all fought back for their survival, but Henry died at the end. Now John will run and fight for his life without Henry. This became the saddest part of his life, but what else can he do? He still needs to continue his life without Henry. But it is also good to know that now he has Sam and Number Six to search the others and fight back.

Check out the Movie and the Book. Below is the list of other Pittacus Lore's Books.

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