January 21, 2012

Benefits of Essential Fatty Acids

If you are a health conscious person then you might be familiar about the benefits that you can get from essential fatty acids in foods. Many people believe that when you want to lose some pounds, you have to eliminate the intake of fatty acids by ignoring foods that are rich with these micronutrients. But you are merely wrong, because in reality our body needs these fatty acids for some processes that need to be done.

You have to know that your body cannot produce fatty acids on its own, that’s why you need to eat the right food that provide fatty acids, but of course always in moderation to avoid serious problem.

There are two known fatty acids, the linoleic acid which is also known as omega 6, and the alpha-linoleic acid which is also known as omega 3.

You can find omega 3 in soybeans, walnut, cereal grasses, collards and other dark green leafy vegetables; dark green leafy vegetables because they are more active in receiving chlorophyll and it has been known that omega 3 is developed through the present chlorophyll in the chloroplast of the plant. On the other hand, you can find omega 6 in dairy products, legumes, and in nuts family.

  • Fatty acids are responsible in repairing our cell membrane. They don’t only repair our cell membrane, but they are also working on the formation of healthy cells in our body.
  • They help in producing some hormones that every parts of our body needs.
  • It also stabilizes the regulation of the blood in our blood streams.
  • Our skin and hair primarily needs this fatty acid, because fatty acids help to promote a better young looking and softer skin, and it gives glow and shiny touch to your hair. If you are lack in fatty acids, you will experience dry skin and unhealthy hair, which surely you would not like.
  • It also supports your adrenal activity. If you do not have enough fatty acids in your body, your adrenalin becomes less productive and less responsive.
  • Our brain also needs fatty acids, because fatty acids help brain to function well. It has a substance that feed the brain and nervous system. We need to eat foods rich in fatty acids, especially omega 3, whenever we are depressed or stress because the first thing that burns out in our brain is the omega 3 substances.
  • It is also an energy booster. It primarily strengthens our muscles and helps to prevent muscle break down.
It is nice to know that fatty acids are also essential to our body. Do not forget the word moderation whenever you are eating your favorite meal. Try to keep track the amount of micronutrients that you may intake, because too much is always harmful and may have a negative side effect.

Do not forget to exercise. This physical activity will burn all the excess nutrients present in our body. Yet, you still need to be careful and do not over work out your body because it may also lead to burning the necessary elements that your body need.

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