January 27, 2012

Herbal Treatments for High Cholesterol

Are you now worried about the amount of cholesterol present in your body? Do you get tired easily, sweat a lot, and feels like an old man or woman? It might be a sign of having high cholesterol. There are lots of symptoms that you might feel and see when you have high cholesterol content inside your body. First is difficulty in breathing, this is because cholesterol blocks the veins in your arteries and weakens your heart. Another is you palpitate all the time even if there is no reason for this condition.

What are the factors that lead us from experiencing this high cholesterol? Foods that we eat are the biggest factor for this condition. If you are someone who loves fatty foods, then you might be at risk. This is because fatty foods such as meat products possess high level of cholesterol and you might adapt it if you can't control yourself from eating these fatty foods. Foods that you can buy in fast food chains possess a huge amount of cholesterol too, because the oil they use is not as healthy as the one you use in your kitchen for cooking. Drinking too much coffee a day, drinking excessive alcohol and smoking may also lead you from having a high level of cholesterol in your blood, so what you need to do is try to minimize your intake of these latter things.

How are we going to lower down our cholesterol?
  • You have to eat foods that are rich in Vitamin B. Example is liver, oats, potatoes, bananas, and legumes. This group of food is responsible for strengthening your immune system.
  • Try to eat foods that are rich in fiber. Fiber can be seen in whole grains and some vegetables. It has been discovered that fiber traps cholesterol so that it could not run into our bloodstream.
  • Garlic has a particular property that lowers the blood cholesterol in our body. It is better if you will eat raw garlic than buying garlic supplement capsules over the counter.
  • Another effective herbal that lowers blood cholesterol is the soy beans.
  • Vitamin C rich foods also help to slightly reduce blood cholesterol in our body. Drinking fresh fruit juice everyday or eating fresh fruits will help you maintain the desired cholesterol that your body needs.

Eating is a hobby that everybody loves to do. Who would say no? But we must be aware that we are not living to eat, but we eat to live. That’s why it’s better to always watch your diet. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables than starving for meat products. Remember that everything should always take in moderation, and excessive meat will soon destroy your body. If you do not want to risk your health, then better start working on living in a healthy lifestyle, take some exercise at least twice a week, lessen your cigarette sticks, eliminate couple of bottles when drinking, and take enough sleep to lessen the stress you experience every day.

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