January 09, 2012

Different Types of Carpet

A huge number of carpets are being offered in the market nowadays. That’s the reason why it’s very difficult to decide on what’s best for your house.

Let’s list the different types of carpet that you can see in the market.
  •  Woven – The texture of this carpet is almost similar to woven cloth. It uses yarns with different colors. That’s the reason why it offers numerous designs. Cut pile is usually used for this type of carpet.
  •  Tufted – This kind of carpet is usually made through tufted machine. It only uses single colored yarn, and designs are painted after the carpet is processed. You can find them either in cut pile, loop pile or combination of both. They are the most affordable carpet in the market.
  • Needlefelt – This type of carpet is made by electrostatic attraction of fibers. Carpets made with this process are very durable. You can usually see this kind of carpet in hotels and casinos because it is best in handling heavy traffics.
  • Flatweave – This kind of carpet is very popular in Japan and less known in Northern America. It is made by interlocking of weft threads and warp. You can find different kinds of flatwoven carpets in the market. Plain weave, soumak, and tapestry weave are some variety of flatweave carpet.
  • Hooked Rug – This type of carpet is simply made by hands. No machine is used to process this kind of carpet.
  • Knotted Pile – It is actually weaved alternately to produce a knotted style carpet.
  • Cut and Loop Pile – This carpet is a combination of cut and loop pile. These two piles add surface and texture to the carpet. It also adds comfort to your foot.
  • Saxony – It is actually made up of twisted cut piles. Each pile is pre-heated to make sure that it will stand straight. After this process, the end fibers possess a soft touch that adds comfort to all the member of the household. You can easily clean this kind of carpet by using vacuum cleaner.
  • Textured Saxony – This kind of carpet is very in demand to informal areas. It has a very soft touch which is very appropriate for household with kids. You can also find multicolored designs that are good in hiding dirt and stains.
  • Plush and Velvet – This kind of carpet is good in formal areas. It is quite expensive because of its elegant look. It is softer than textured carpet, and more comfortable in your feet.
  • Frieze – It is best used in areas that are prone to heavy traffic. The fibers present in this carpet are twisted up right and cut on top. This characteristic is good in hiding soil and other foot marks.
It is important that we study the varieties of carpet before we decide to purchase one for our home. Each carpet has its own characteristic, that’s why you need to figure out the things that will complement your needs.


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