January 12, 2012

Herbal Mood Enhancer

Bipolar disorder, anxiety, mood swings, and depression are the most common mood disorder that most people in the world experience. These are some problems that most people do not understand. When they found out that someone they knew have this kind of disorder, they immediately conclude that the person is mentally challenged. But they are wrong, too bad because not all people have the capability to understand things.
This serious matter should seek for psychiatrists’ or psychologists’ opinion immediately. They might give you mood enhancer supplements like antidepressant. But it has been found out that this antidepressant is becoming unresponsive because the disorder that someone carries becomes immune to this medication.

If you feel that you are starting to have a mild mood disorder, you can now seek for some herbal mood enhancer as a personal medication. Well, not really a medication but an enhancer to avoid serious disorder in the future.

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St. John’s wort is the best mood enhancer among all herbs. It is a yellow flowered plant that possesses many chemical elements that relax the mood of a person.

Lavender is a good source of mood enhancer. It has a substance that relaxes someone’s mind. Most people mix it in oils or teas. It is also used in aromatherapy that helps in freeing our mind from toxins that we encounter every day.

Omega 3 rich food is also a good mood enhancer. Did you know that when we get depress the first substance that burns out in our brain is the omega 3? That’s the reason why we need to eat omega 3 rich food to balance our emotions. If we have enough omega 3 fatty acid in our body, mood swings are relatively difficult to occur.

We also need to eat foods that are rich in vitamin B complex. This is because this micronutrient is responsible in stabilizing our nervous system, and our emotions are being processed in nervous system. So if you have enough vitamin B in your body, the possibility of having a mood disorder is very low.
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Of course, after eating the right food to enhance your mood, the next step that you need is to start to live right. When depression and stress is starting to kill you, take a deep breath for about a minute, this will relax your brain a little. Sit down for a while look around and drink a glass of water. This exercise will help you calm your senses.

If you think that simple meditation exercise is not helping you anymore, why not take a couple of day’s vacation? Ask your family or friends to spend time with you by traveling in some place that you want to visit. It could be a beach where you can find some time for camping. You can also engage in mountain climbing to see and appreciate the beauty of nature. Do not just nail yourself in your office and work more than eight hours a day. You have to remember that everybody deserves a work life balance. Life is not just about working, but finding time to relax too.                                    
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