January 21, 2012

Megaupload.com Has Been Shut Down and Faced the End of the Line

Megaupload.com had faced its end on January 18, Wednesday. This became one of the saddest stories in World Wide Web, especially for those people who love and patronized this file sharing website.

Universal Music was the one who filed the complaint regarding the Megaugpload.com’s copyright infringement. This started when Universal Music’s promotional videos of Kanye West, P. Diddy, and other artists under the said music label was uploaded in Megaupload.com.

In this case, the federal government of the United States took an action to shut down this file sharing site. January 19 when feds arrested some of Megaupload’s members due to copyright infringement. Feds and Universal Music filed different charges for the said file sharing company, and copyright infringement is just one of them.

According to different movie makers and music producers, they have lost almost $500 million of revenue due to file sharing system in World Wide Web. And this is why the U.S. House of Representative pushes the Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA.

Swizz Beatz is the CEO of Megaupload.com, but he did not receive any charges from Feds. Everyone is still in the dark on what will happen to Swizz Beatz. Kim Dotcom also known as Kim Schmitz is the founder of the said file sharing company. He is now arrested together with other members of the said company.

United States House of Representative is very serious in implementing the SOPA even if it is not yet officially proclaimed.

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