January 22, 2012

Let's Study Your Respiratory Tract Infection

Respiratory tract infection is an infection that you can see on any parts of your respiratory system. Respiratory system is composed of two tracts, the upper respiratory tract and the lower respiratory tract. Upper respiratory tract is composed of nose, sinus, larynx, and pharynx, while lower respiratory tract is composed of trachea, lungs, bronchioles, and bronchial tubes.

There are two categories of respiratory tract infection, the upper respiratory tract infection and the lower respiratory tract infection.

In upper respiratory tract, infections are not fatal. Common colds, sore throats, and sinusitis are the common ailments that upper respiratory tract experience. This is due to the viruses that you inhale in the environment. These infections are easy to mend. Sometimes a simple fruit juice or fresh fruits will do to mend the infection that your upper respiratory carries. A simple cough, tonsillitis, and headache are also considered as upper respiratory infections. You can cure them by drinking paracetamol, drinking lots of fluids, and eating fruits that are rich in vitamin C. Sometimes it even passes without doing anything, because all these diseases are not that serious, all you have to do is take some rest and sleep eight hours a day.

Cover your mouth when you sneeze, because there are small fluid particles that will come out to your mouth when you sneeze and this might spread the virus that you carry and it could be transmitted to the first person who will inhale it.

Lower respiratory tract infections are the fatal one. Diseases that you can find in lower respiratory tract causes death when not cured immediately. Bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and lung cancer are just few of the deadly diseases that someone might get once he or she does not take care of his or her lower respiratory tract. It is sometimes caused by smoking too much or sometimes by being exposed in excessive air pollution.

If you suspect that you are having lower respiratory tract infection, immediately consult your doctor to avoid major problem in the future. This type of infection is dangerous yet curable.
Children are the most common victims of upper and lower respiratory infection. This is because their immune system is not yet fully developed unlike to adults’ immune system. When a kid carries common cold, cough is the next thing that occurs to them. That is the reason why parents need to find the best Vitamin supplement for them to strengthen their immune system that will help them fight viruses in the environment.

All these diseases are avoidable. All you have to do is take some precautionary action. Learn to avoid smoking, if you are a chain smoker. Keep yourself out from inhaling cigarette smokes by covering your nose and mouth when walking outside or mingling to people who actively smoke. Update your diet. Always make sure that there is citrus fruit in your meal, like oranges or lemon. Take plenty of water. This will wash the waste inside your body. Try to find supplementary vitamins to boost your immune system to fight the bacteria and viruses that you might encounter in your day to day activity.

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