January 11, 2012

The Best Carpet for Your Home

There are lots of different carpets in the market today and you will be amazed on how well manufactured they are. Carpets also have different textures. Saxony carpets, Berber carpets, and plush carpets are just few of the best textures that you would find in the market. And you can even find carpets that can be cut according to what you need, and this is because of their customized edges.

The first thing that you should consider is analyzing how much traffic it will get. Do not look on its color yet. Remember that living room gets the highest traffic, and bedrooms receive the lowest traffic. With this analysis, living room should possess the toughest carpet that you will find in the market.

The next thing that you need to consider is the stains and spills that your carpet will mostly experience. Dining room, play room, and living room are all prone to spills and stains accidents. We carry foods and drinks in these areas that’s why we need to choose a carpet that has a stain resistant characteristics.

You have to be aware on the ratings of the carpet that you will purchase. The rating scale starts from 1 up to 5. Five is the highest and one is the lowest. Five is great and very appropriate to places or areas that experience heavy traffic. But if your concern only revolves in the heavy traffic at your home, then a carpet with a rating of 4 is already good for you, a little cheaper than a carpet with a rating of five.

You can still use carpets with lower ratings, but of course it will depend on where you will install it. A 2.5 to 4 rating is good in areas that experience less traffic, such as bedrooms, guest rooms, and nursery rooms. So keep in mind that not because a carpet possesses a lower ratings it means that it is not as durable as those carpets with higher score. Traffic will actually determine the rate that you will need.

If you have high budget’ for carpeting, then it is best for you to purchase a wool carpet. Wool carpet is the best carpet in the market. They can even last for couple of decades because it has soil resistance characteristic, and its durability is very high.

Wool carpet’s price is relatively expensive, that’s the reason why most of us can’t afford this kind of carpet. There is a remedy for that, if you really want to experience the durable feature of this carpet, you can still purchase it and install it to areas that receive heavy traffic. That’s the best step that you can do, install wool carpet in places that experience heavy traffic and install cheap carpets in rooms that receive less traffic.

If you think that wool is still expensive and you still can’t afford it, you can choose nylon carpet, for it is cheaper than wool carpets. Nylon carpets are stain resistant, and very durable, too.

Olefin made carpets is also as impressive as wool carpets. It is also reliable in handling heavy traffics, and another thing about this carpet is it is easy to clean. You can also consider choosing polyester carpets. It has a wool touch but less expensive. It also has an easy to clean and water resistant characteristics that will surely attract you and your budget.


Now is the time for you to worry about the color of the carpet. If you want a bubbly feel in your room then choose light colored carpets. It has been said that light color adds space in your room, that’s why a room with light colored carpets look spacious. But light colored carpet has a downside you can easily find spots and dirt in this kind of carpet, so it is not advisable if you have kids at home. While dark colored carpets absorb the light in the room, it feels cozier and more formal than light colored carpets.

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