January 11, 2012

Tips on How to Clean Your Carpet

It is important that we clean our carpet regularly. This will prevent our carpets to attract bacteria to grow inside our house. So, here are some tips on how to clean your carpet.

1.  First, take note that you need to clean your carpet thoroughly. You need to hire a professional cleaner to make sure that the method that will be use is deep cleaning. But, if you don’t want to entrust this method to anyone else, then you have to rent or buy a deep cleaning machine to help you do the job.
2.  It is important to open your eyes on spills when you are in the process of cleaning your carpet. Use hot water to remove it, or if water can’t take care of it anymore, then it’s time for you to buy some products that will manage the removal of spills for the kind of carpet you owned.

You have to remember that there are different products that could help you in removing spills. For example, you can mix vinegar to water for removing simple stains in your carpet. It is always best to immediately take some actions when dirt and stain pour into your carpet.

3.  Always clean your carpet by using vacuum cleaners. Choose high powered vacuum cleaners so that it gets all the debris present in your carpet. Cleaning your carpet all the time means preventing it from crushing, bacterial growth, and unbearable odor.                        

4.  You can put entrance mat outside and inside your home. The outside mat will wash out the soil from the shoes of your guests, and the inside mat will finish the job that outside mat doesn’t remove. By this, lesser soil will be carried to your carpet. Or you can request to your guests to leave their shoes at the door so that they will not carry any debris from their shoes.

Did you know that 80% of debris that enter your house or any building is composed of dry soil and the 20% is composed of grease and oil? Dry soil is easier to remove than grease and oil. All you have to do is clean your carpet by using a high powered vacuum. Do it regularly to prevent your carpet from damage.

Keep your carpet clean and well maintained. It might not be easy for you to always watch your carpet from having stains, but you can at least clean it twice a week by using a vacuum cleaner, so that soil will not create more damage if not removed. Remember that carpets are very expensive that’s why you need to take care of it.

If you have a clean carpet, it only means that you are very much aware of the benefits that it will give you. It usually adds a better look in your house. It gives a comfortable feeling to your family and friends whenever they spend their time in your well maintained carpet.

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