January 11, 2012

Carpets that will Suit Your Lifestyle

Due to different designs being released every day, it becomes difficult for us to choose the best carpet for our house. It is important that the design and color that you will choose would match your personality and should complement your needs, too.

It is essential that you build a plan or you already have visualized the design you wish for your home. With this, it will become easier for you to decide on what kind of carpet you will purchase. Carpet comes out with different textures and colors, too. So, you really need to consider a lot of things. The colors of your carpet should complement the color of your walls, while the texture should rely on the design you need to complement the furniture of your house.

First, try to determine the area in which you’re going to install your carpet. If you are planning to buy a carpet for your living room, it means that you need a durable carpet with strong backing and fine fibers. This is because living room carries the heaviest traffic among other rooms in your house. So, in this case, it only means that the construction and texture are the primary need in buying a carpet.

Carpet also comes out with different fiber composition. Nylon, olefin, and polyester are just few of the available fibers in the market. Nylon is being considered as one of the best fiber sold in the market aside from wool. It is soft and very fine, that’s why it is very comfortable in someone’s touch. It is durable and very accommodating to heavy traffic, the best choice for a tight budget.

If you think that nylon doesn’t fit your budget, then you can go after polyester fibers. It may be less resilient than nylon, yet it is still a good choice for your bedroom or guest room, and for other areas that have less traffic. It is the most reliable fiber in terms of stain resistance.

But if you are looking for a fiber that has a high level of stain resistance then choose olefin. When stain pops into your carpet with olefin fiber, just use water and detergent and boom the stain is no longer present in your carpet, that’s how it’s stain resistance work. Mildew resistant, and bacteria resistant are just few words that will describe Olefin. It doesn’t fade easily unlike any carpet fibers. And it can only be considered in Berber construction.

The construction of the carpet is also an important factor before buying a whole set. Plush and Berber are examples of the construction of carpet. The fiber present in plush is cut on top that leaves it standing up. While Berber is constructed by the continuous loop which makes it more durable.

Berber is perfect for living room, entrances, and lobbies because of the hard texture they possess. It is very appropriate for heavy traffic, but the downside of this kind of carpet is its uncomfortable feel. Due to its hard texture it becomes less attractive to household with kids. Since the loop is continuously constructed, damage is more likely to occur, especially when the family owned pets with long nails.


If you are looking for more comfortable feel, then choose plush constructed carpets. They actually offer better thermal insulation, and better comfort for your body and foot. The downside of this kind of carpet is, it easily gets crushed when placed in heavy traffic areas, so better use it in bedrooms only.

All carpets that are being offered in the market have 5 to 30 years of warranty. What you only need to maximize its warranty is to install a new carpet padding that will support the newly purchased carpet.

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