January 11, 2012

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your carpet with steam carpet cleaner is not a complicated task. But how does this steam carpet cleaning works? Hot water is the main ingredient for this method. This hot water is extracted by a spray which is connected to a high powered pump vacuum. Then place the spray on your carpet to deeply cleanse the fibers by the solution you have made. With this method, the water will deeply penetrate to your carpet because of the pressure coming from the high powered pump vacuum, starting from its top up to its backing. By this action you are rest assured that the soil, grease, and some food substance present in your carpet will surely loosen its hold in just few sprays. And you’ll notice that your carpet is cleaner than it was before.
You can find lots of steam cleaner in the market. You can choose from small portable steam cleaner up to the large powerful truck mounted units. In reality, it doesn’t really matter if you have the small portable cleaner or large mounted trucks, all of them work for one purpose, and that’s to clean your carpet deeply.

Large powerful truck mounted units are operated by diesel fuel or gas. This unit is very powerful, and it is the most effective steam cleaner in the market. It creates a strong pressure once the hot water is sprayed into the carpet. Almost all the carpet manufacturers recommend this machine when cleaning carpets. This is because it is the most powerful and most effective cleaner that you can purchase in the market. It means that your money will never go to waste.

Well, these large powerful truck mounted units also have disadvantages. Whenever you use it, there is an excessive release of water from the spray, and that produces over wetness in your carpet. To avoid this incident, all you have to do is master the process of how to operate this machine.

Here are the two methods that you can use in operating your steam carpet cleaner.
  • Spray some water into the traffic lanes, and wait until the fibers absorb it deeply. Then try to extract the hot water with the cleaning solution to the entire area.
  • The other method that you can use is spray the hot water solution to the entire carpet and use a vacuum cleaner to pull the soil and other stain that your carpet carry.
Here’s the step by step steam cleaning procedures that will surely help you.
  • Prepare all the materials that you need. Mix all the cleaning solutions together with the detergents on the solution tank.
  • Create a floor plan. This will guide you on how are you going to move all your furniture.
  • Vacuum the entire area with your steam cleaning machine. Use pile brush to remove sticky soil and other stain.
  • Spray a little bit of pre-spray solution.
  • Use a grooming tool to spread the pre-spray solution into the carpet. Let it stay for about 10 to 15 minutes to make it more effective.
  • You can now extract your carpet by using the powerful truck mounted unit.
  • Repeat the process until the entire area is fully cleaned. 

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