January 14, 2012

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a disorder in which the patient suffers from persistent fatigue in a long period of time. This disorder has been called in different names. They are post viral fatigue syndrome, myalgic encephalomyelitis, and chronic fatigue immune dysfunction.

Based on study, chronic fatigue syndrome is a disorder that you can acquire from infection, it can be hereditary, meaning it is already living in your genes, and it can also be the product of psychological problem.

How would you know if you have a chronic fatigue syndrome? Symptoms may include headache, sore throat, disturb sleep at night, difficulty in breathing, continuous muscle pain, and mental and physical exhaustion. This syndrome is killing a person little by little through continuous pain and exhaustion that it brings to someone.

You may also feel a lot of digestive problem, you’ll get depressed easily, and you’ll find out that you become sensitive to light and sound due to the imbalanced function of the system in your body.

Chronic fatigue syndrome has been discovered to affect mostly the nervous system, cardiovascular, immune system, and often causes the psychiatric disorder to develop.

There are still lots of symptoms that you might encounter once you have a chronic fatigue syndrome. You’ll find that you have one when you always feel this symptoms and it cannot be healed or relieved with some generic medication and rest.
  • It becomes difficult for you to concentrate during day time. This is very unusual especially if you know that you have a good night sleep and you have enough rest.
  • You always feel exhausted even if you already have long hours of relaxing mode.
  • A never ending pain in joints can also be defined as a symptom of this disorder.
  • If a sore throat becomes a common illness to you, meaning it’s not leaving you anymore then you might be having a chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • When you are someone who doesn't get depress easily and doesn't have mood swings before, yet now you experience this most of the time, you might also be suffering from CFS.
When you start to feel these symptoms, then it's time for you to consult a physician for them to distinguish if you are having a chronic fatigue syndrome or you just have a simple and mild disorder . Do not take everything for granted, it’s always better to be cautious once in a while especially if it involves your health.

A person with this syndrome usually becomes physically inactive, or voluntarily lessens his physical activity because he gets tired easily. If you will not discover this in an early stage, you might end up dealing with more diseases such as diabetes, heart failures, respiratory problem, and you might see yourself bed ridden because you cannot carry your body anymore.

There is no definite treatment to chronic fatigue syndrome yet, especially if the patient is already on its higher stage. But medical practitioners are not stopping themselves from digging some remedies to cure this disorder. But as an alternative, they have develop some activities to at least prevent this syndrome from getting worst.

Read some books to fully understand the meaning of chronic fatigue syndrome.

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