January 13, 2012

Herbs for an Active Lifestyle

Early people are dependent in herbs, especially in healing some diseases. But today, people are more dependent on traditional medicines that you can buy in any drug stores. Well, both are reliable and can cure minor and major ailments, but what makes herbs better than main stream medicines? Herbs have less possibility of side effects, because everything is natural and does not possess any chemicals that might harm your body. Herbs cost less, while main stream medicines are expensive.

Herbs do not only cure diseases, but it can also serve as an energy booster. Well, eating fruits and green leafy vegetables will surely boost your energy because of some fatty acids that it possess. Fatty acids are good source of energy because it has a substance that fed your brain which makes it active and alert.

If you are experiencing an ailment such as chest pain or angina pectoris, do not try self medication without doctor's knowledge, it is always better if you will consult your physician with this matter. You can ask your doctor if you can just use herbs for medication, then they can give you the proper list of herbal medicine that will solve your problems. But, if you feel uncomfortable asking your doctor, you can still see some answers through doing a research. You can check out some medical books in the library, ask some herbal experts, or search through your internet.

If you are experiencing hypertension or high blood pressure, you can eat raw garlic to neutralize your blood pressure.

Hawthorn berries are also a heart and circulatory system booster. It will prevent you from having some heart diseases. This is because it dilates the blood vessels that are connected to your heart.

Soy beans also help our body to control the cholesterol that enters in our system whenever we eat meat products.

We also need to fight the acidity in our body, and in order for us to win, we need to eat some foods that are rich in alkaline. Wheat grass is the best source of alkaline. Its alkaline content is relatively high that it can override the acidity in our body in just few sips. It is also important that we watch our ph balance to avoid diseases like diabetes and kidney mal-function.

Foods rich in vitamin C such as oranges, mangoes, and lemons are best in strengthening our immune system. This will serve as our shield to simple infections and viruses such as common colds, cough, and sore throats.

There are lots of herbs that can help us to have an active lifestyle. All you need is a proper knowledge on how to use them, and when to use them. If you really want to live healthy, then this is the right time for you to eat healthy foods. Stop eating junk foods, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Make sure that you have a balanced diet in your every meal. If you are not confident on the list that you made, then you have to visit a dietary expert to help you complete the list that you need.

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