January 24, 2012

Filipinos never stop impressing Judges in American Idol – Ashley Robles Stands Out

Jasmine Trias, Camille Velasco, Ramiel Malubay, and Thia Megia are all Filipinos who have tried to out stand American Idol, and now another Filipino tried to audition in the said show, Ashley Robles.

Ashley Robles is a single mom to a 5 year old cute girl. She’s 26 years old, and auditioned in San Francisco, California. She’s an insurance account manager, a DJ, and a passionate singer.

If you have watched her audition in American Idol last week, you will agree with me that she’s truly a good singer. She sings “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston, and guess what? She really nailed it, another Filipino pride right?

All of the judges voted for yes, and now, we'll be seeing her in American Idol's Holywood week few weeks from now. Let's all just cross our fingers that she'll survive the competition.

Randy and Steven were so amazed with her beautiful voice, but I’ve noticed that even Jennifer voted for yes, it seems like she’s not happy or not impressed on how Ashley performs. What does it mean? You can watch Ashley’s audition again and please scrutinize how JLo reacts. Well, I love JLo so much I just saw awkwardness in her look when the two guy judges react on how Ashley sings.

I hope Ashley will make it on top. Well, let’s not expect for anything and let's all be sport when something bad happens. This is a competition, survival of the fittest, and the most charming will win.

Go Ashley, we will all support you till the end win or lose. We’re all proud to be Pinoy.

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