January 23, 2012

Swizz Beatz Not the CEO of Megaupload.com?

A source came over to MTV news and gave statement that Swizz Beatz is not the Megaupload’s CEO at the time it was shut down on January 19, maybe he’s really into clearing the producer/rapper’s name. Is this a joke or what? We all didn’t know. But why does this file sharing company put the producer/rapper’s name in their “About Us” page telling the people that Swizz Beatz is the CEO of their company? This question will continue to flourish especially for those who witnessed this publication.

The source also told the news channel that the position for becoming the CEO of Megaupload is still in negotiation, and Swizz Beatz is really considering the offer of the company. If you are going to take a look on that, it seems like they were hiding something. “They put that up prematurely,” this is how the source said it. How on earth are you going to put that kind of thing without the person’s permission? Beatz is one of the most respected producer in music industry, so why does he allowed the Megaupload to publish his name as the CEO if the deal isn’t yet final?

Though the federal government already shut down the said file sharing company, good thing for Beatz he did not receive any charges and wasn’t arrested unlike what had happened to Kim Dotcom (Kim Schmitz), founder of Megaupload.com. But let’s wait on what will happen to the producer, feds may not yet finish on him.

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