January 21, 2012

Increase Energy Naturally

Television, radios, billboards, and other commercial media are promoting products that will enhance your energy. It can be in a form of drinks, snacks, or anything that you can eat at least once a day. But all of it is processed foods, meaning lots of chemicals have been used to produce that certain product. Do you still believe that it will surely boost your energy? Or might only lead you to a body dependent on chemicals?

You can boost your energy just by doing some natural step.
  • Take enough rest and sleep. We all have a busy day, and everything is on its fast pace. We almost sleep less than five hours a day, too bad right? And whenever we are lack in sleep and rest, our body becomes weak. Lack of sleep and rest is the reasons why we easily get depress and stress, because our brain doesn’t have enough rest, too. To solve this problem, you need to give yourself a reward, spend some time with family and friends by traveling to places that will keep you away from work and busy schedule, preferably couple of days. Talk, laugh, and enjoy the beauty of nature, this will surely boost your energy.
  • Write work out or exercise in the list of your activity. This will put your brain into relax mode, meaning that you will be free from worrying office work, and family problems.
  • You have to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. These things have dangerous substance that will only kill those healthy cells in your body. Nicotine is one element that bugs brain activity and if it happens, the person who smokes will easily experience depression and stress.
  • Avoid eating in fast food chains. Avoid drinking soft drinks, and eating junk foods. Take a proper diet. Eat fruits and vegetables every day. Nuts, whole grains, fresh fruits, oatmeal, and other high fiber vegetable should always be present in your plate. They are the true energy booster. Foods that contain sugar and starch are also good source of energy.
  • Try to drink coffee at least once a day. Caffeine has a detoxifying substance that brings alertness to your body. Excessive caffeine may lead to hypertension and palpitation.
  • Drink plenty of water. All the food that we eat leaves waste in our body, and that is the reason why we need to drink plenty of water to wash out all the dirt and garbage that all these foods leave inside us.
  • Help yourself to control your emotions. Did you know that an obsessive compulsive person and a perfectionist are more prone to depression, stress, and heart attack? This is because their brain doesn’t stop from thinking how to do things right. It’s not a bad practice, but what makes it bad is they think too much, that’s the reason why stress hormone occurs and become dominant. An easy go lucky person, and a happy person possess a healthy body because their brains are more relaxed, and they don’t worry on things that much, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t care on the things that they encounter every day.

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