January 17, 2012

How to Improve Your Sleeping Habit Naturally

The purpose of sleeping is to rest all our system from stress and work that we do during daytime. It is like our every day charging. We can be compared to an electronic device that after a long use, the battery gets drained and needs to be charge, and for us, sleeping is our way of charging our body.

We need a complete eight hours of sleep a day. This is the minimum time that all the system in our body needs to freshen up. Have you ever noticed that whenever you have an incomplete sleep you feel that your brain is not functioning well and you have slow response on things around you? This is because some of your cells are still sleeping and isn’t yet ready to work again.

If you are having trouble in sleeping more than eight hours a day, you can try all this steps to help you achieve the rest that your body needs.

  • Engage yourself in working out at least three times a week. You have to remember that exercise needs to be done in the morning to fully condition your body from your day to day activity. If you are going to take your exercise late in the afternoon it will just trigger more possibility of difficulty in sleeping due to the awakening of your muscle during the work out session.
  • You need to practice a healthy eating habit. Avoid too much caffeine. Caffeine can be seen in coffee, soft drinks, and iced tea. One cup of coffee is enough to bring the alertness that you need in the whole day. If you plan to eat heavy meals at night, then eat your meal three hours before you sleep. This will give you enough time to digest all the food that you eat during dinner.
  • Stop smoking, this is if you want to sleep well at night. Nicotine is a substance that triggers the alertness of your nervous system. Sometimes, it causes insomnia to a person who has an excessive intake of nicotine in his body.
  • Save your sleep. When you feel that you want to sleep during daytime, save it so that you’ll have a better sleep during night time. They say that power nap is necessary during daytime, but this activity will only trigger to difficulty in sleeping during night time. So, better keep your sleepiness until you sleep at night.
  • When it’s time for you to sleep, relax and free your mind from your day to day activity. Be a new person when you are in your bed, and leave your work problems in the office. If you can control your mind and emotions, you’ll soon experience a better sleeping at night in a natural way.
  • Do not think that sleeping will just destroy your schedule of the day. Yes, you need to work hard, but you also need to have a good rest. How are you going to last long if you’re already abusing yourself due to not sleeping well at night?

Do not compromise your health. Lack of sleep sometimes causes the weakening of immune system to likely occur. It even triggers mild illnesses to develop, so better have a good night sleep rather than having a nice relaxing moment in your bed because of some ailment.

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