January 10, 2012

Naturally Improving Blood Circulation with Herbs

Blood is the largerst part in our body. It carries all the nutrients that every organs in our body needs. It also carries the oxygen that all our system need to help them do their job. Just like our skin, our blood is the next largest part of our body. Therefore, if our veins are not in good shape the circulation of our blood will get affected, and if these things happen, a lot of organs in our body will also suffer. More ailments are about to occur, if this condition is not cured.

Hypertension is a common result of poor blood circulation. Hardening of arteries will also occur when our circulatory system is not functioning well due to poor blood circulation. Another common problem that women get from poor blood circulation is varicose veins.

Hypertension is commonly experienced by middle aged person or an elderly. It is caused by the cholesterol that they get from the food they eat. This cholesterol sticks in the wall of arteries that it almost blocks the whole surface, and also causes the hardening of arteries. And when these things happen the blood that is circulating in the arteries are forcing the wall so that it can pass through it to travel in our heart, and this method causes the blood to exert more pressure and hypertension is its product.

If you are looking for an herb that will help you to have a better blood circulation, you can rely on cayenne. It doesn’t only help your blood to circulate freely, but it also strengthen your heart and it cleans the wall of your arteries.

You can also take ginkgo biloba to help you improve your blood circulation. It has been known as a memory enhancer too. Base on study, it helps to boost your memory because it strengthens the circulation of the blood in your veins.

If you are looking for another natural way to improve your blood circulation, you can take the hot and cold shower as an exercise for your blood. Blood rushes to your skin once you shower hot water. And blood comes back to your organs when you shower cold water. This exercise will keep your blood moving and it is good for you because it will turn out that it pushes your blood stream into its extreme power.

Have an exercise, and make it a habit. Jog at least every other day. This will help you awaken your blood, and may lead to a good circulation.

Stop eating foods that bear too much cholesterol. Cholesterol usually blocks your blood streams, and whenever it happens it becomes difficult for your blood to circulate freely.

All these healthy precautions will be successful if you are willing to take some action in taking good care of yourself, of course by simply not eating the food that causes poor blood circulation. Usually, those foods are the most tasteful food in our taste buds, so better control yourself and convince yourself that you need to live a healthy life and not a life that you will soon regret, a life with full of ailments.

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