January 16, 2012

Why does skin color matters?

I just finished watching an episode in one of my favorite series CSI: Miami. The episode was from season 2, am I left behind? Probably yes, but what’s good about this series is you don’t need to worry if you are left behind or not, because every single episode is as good as new.
The story was about a young girl captured by his so called boyfriend at least that was the idea that the girl saw it. She is blonde with blue eyes, and preferably belongs to a rich family. One night her boyfriend, who is his tennis coach, went to her bedroom and captured her. Her family panicked and reported the incident to the police. Medias, police, and investigators went to their house and are all concerned with what happen to her. But along with their search for this blonde girl, the crime scene investigators found a young girl’s arm, a different girl.

They found out that the arm belongs to another girl, a Hispanic girl who’s missing for about three weeks ago. They went to her family and told them what they’ve found out. Her parents told the CSI that they have reported it to the police, but the police advised them to wait for their kid because it might just runaway and will come back again. But her father said that she never did it in the past.

Lots of people are missing in the US every day, and most of them were found dead. Black, Hispanic, Asians, and other nationalities are reported missing, but why does police and media only see white people? Attentions are only drown to white Americans, that was the sad part of this world, even though we say that we are not discriminating anyone, or we are not racist, unconsciously, most of us only sees what we want to see.

I’m not against to white people, what I’m just saying is why we need to give them a better treatment. I think all of us deserve to receive nice and fair treatment, whether your black, Asian, Hispanic, or whatever your nationality is.

Why not be fair? If only people look at everything fairly, no one will get hurt, no one will even die.

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