January 17, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy Ace Review

So there it is, the strongest mid-range android phone that came out last year, Samsung Galaxy Ace has now a successor, the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus. What does this new Galaxy Ace Plus can do to its user?

I have read about this news sometime last two weeks ago, and I was like, “Is it really better than my Samsung Galaxy Ace?” And yes, it is really way better than my current phone. I’m not really into buying high end phone, mid range is already enough for me. What I look every time I buy a new phone is the things that I only need, and not the extra things that a phone can give me. Why? Because I have this thinking that, why am I going to buy something that is more than what I need if in reality I have no time to maximize its feature because of my busy life? It’s just going to be a waste of money, right?

I’m very much satisfied with my phone’s feature, except for the battery life. That is why I updated my firmware from android 2.2 froyo to android 2.3 gingerbread because they said that I can experience a better battery life with gingerbread. I do agree that gingerbread is better than froyo, because it consumes lesser power than my previous firmware.

Let’s start talking about Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus.
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus carries the android 2.3.6 gingerbread firmware. Its dimension is a little wider than its predecessor with 3.65 inch display. But unfortunately, they both share the same resolution display, 320x480 pixels, and this is a bad move for Samsung leaving Galaxy Ace Plus with the same resolution like Galaxy Ace, just hoping that they upgraded the resolution, too. But apparently, it is good to know that they both have a 16m colors at its display.
  • Sensors are still the same. Accelerometer, digital compass, and proximity are still present on Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus.
  • Same as the earlier version, it also uses capacitive touchscreen and TFT technology. But it seems like it has a better battery, in which it has 1300 mAh.
  • If we are going to observe its hardware, we could say that it really has a better component. The processor is already single core with 1000 mHz or 1 gHz compared to Samsung Galaxy Ace which only has 800 mHz, a little faster than the latter.
  • The system memory is doubled. Since the first version only has 278mb the second version is now having 512 mb of RAM. The built in memory is now way better, it already has 3GB, unlike the first one with 178mb only, a great move from Samsung.
  • In terms of connectivity, the new one has a Bluetooth version of 3.0 with A2DP.
  • Wi-Fi is still the same with 802.11 b,g,n.
  • The USB used by this new model is still in version 2.0.
  • If you are wondering about the camera, it still has 5 megapixel camera with LED flash. But when it comes to video recording, the camera resolution is way better because it ends up @30fps.
  • It still uses 3.5mm jack for its earphone, and very good in listening to radio and mp3’s.
  • Unlike the previous Samsung Galaxy Ace, the newer version is now capable of running flash when it comes to internet browsing. And this is the real downside of Samsung Galaxy Ace it can’t run flash whenever you browse to its internet.
All in all, two thumbs up for Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus. This is a real good deal for people who can only shell few bucks for a mid range phone. A lot better than entry level phones, and a little closer to high end mobiles, what else can you ask for?


I could not see any Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus in Amazon yet, maybe it'll be available some time next week.

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