January 13, 2012

Xbox 360 Console 4GB with Kinect Review

Have you seen the new Xbox 360 Console 4GB with Kinect? If yes, you might be dreaming of owning it from the first time you saw it until now. Who would not want to own that kind of video game player? It has been said that it is one of the best video game console in the history. But before you purchase this product, let’s give a fair Xbox 360 Console 4GB with Kinect review first.

Xbox 360 Console 4GB with Kinect is an extraordinary game console, because you do not need to use any controller to play this. What you need to do is stand up and groove to the music while playing it. You and you’re friends will truly enjoy the concept of this game player.

Most of the parents nowadays worry too much, because their kids are just sitting in front of their computer or playing video games without moving their body. Most likely, this is the cause of obesity among kids and teenagers, well, lack of exercise. And Xbox 360 Console 4GB with Kinect has solved this problem by letting your whole body control the game.

Technical Features:
  • It has a Kinect Sensor. Kinect sensor is simply used to track the whole body of the player. How does it happen? It recognizes your body so that it can copy the movement you will do when the game starts.
  • It is already Wi-Fi enabled, and its Wi-Fi is 802.11n and can connect to any b/g/n Wi-Fi router. You can even connect it to Xbox Live and immediately download the latest compatible game for this console. Streaming movies and TV shows are also its best feature.
  • Xbox Live will let you connect to your friends around the world. This feature will let you play with your friends even if they are living somewhere else. You can directly stream movies from websites that offers free movie.
  • This Xbox has 5 ports that will allow you to connect other USB compatible devices.
  • It supports DVD format games and other entertainment show.
  • It has a very good and reliable 5.1 surround sound system.
  • It comes out with 4GB memory. You can surely store couple of games that you like, but of course, there is always a room for upgrade.
  • It has one controller that you can use when your body gets tired from dancing.
What’s the downside?

I could not think of anything wrong about this product but the price. You can check out different prices in amazon and ebay. In amazon, you are rest assured that the seller is trustworthy. And they actually offer this product for only $260, which means you already have 13% discounts.

All in all you will truly enjoy playing this Xbox 360 Console 4GB with Kinect. If you are interested in buying this product, just click the widget below. This will truly give you sweat if you'll only take the game seriously.


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